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Why Insulate Your Crawl Space?

The crawl space under your house is perhaps the most neglected place in your home. You think that it is not important since this is a place that you cannot see anyway. But the truth is that you should take care of your crawl space. Insulating your crawl space is one way of caring for your crawl space. You should know the importance of insulating your crawl spaces. Below are some of the reasons why crawl space insulation is very important.

If you don’t insulate your crawl space, then moisture will be gathered there. If there is much moisture in your crawl space, then sooner or later you will also find your floors gathering moisture. If moisture reaches your flooring, then it can result to water damage. If there is insulation in your crawl space, moisture will not build up because there is constant circulation in the air. Insulating your crawl space will prevent the build-up of moisture in that space.

Without insulation, your crawl space will collect dust and dirt. If you never attempt to clean out your crawl space, then you will find that it will pile up with so much dust and dirt. The dust and dirt collected in your crawl space will soon find itself into your home. Too much dust and dirt in the air indoors can cause allergic reactions, viruses, and many other sicknesses. Insulation can help wipe away the dust and dirt gathered in your crawl spaces because of air circulation. So it is important to insulate your crawl space to avoid too much dust and dirt collected down there.

The insulation will make your crawl space a comfortable place. The crawl space really affects the rooms that are above it. If the crawl space is not well insulated, then it will collect too much cold or heat in it and will pass that on to the rooms above it. Those rooms above the crawl space will experience extreme temperatures. If you insulated your crawl space, then the temperature is regulated so that the rooms above it will not have extreme temperatures. If you want comforting temperatures in your home, then make sure that you crawl space is insulated.

Your utility bills can be lowered when your crawl space is insulated. When temperature is controlled then this means that your air conditioner or your heater does not have to work harder than usual during very hot or very cold days. One of the great benefits of crawl space insulation is the savings that it can give us on our monthly bills.

What we have above are just a few reasons why insulating your crawl space is important. However, you can be sure that there are many other important reasons to insulate your crawl space.

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